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AED devices and accessories

What should I consider when buying?

When every second counts, it's very important that the rescuer can easily find and directly use an AED. That's why we recommend, in addition to buying an AED, you pay just as much attention to, for example, the AED cabinet in which the device is to be installed. Consider the correct location for hanging the AED, the visibility and an easy-to-find location.

Do you want to make sure absolutely everything, from A to Z, is taken care of when buying an AED device?

We’ll gladly help you with honest advice concerning choosing the right AED for you, the necessary accessories and AED maintenance.

There are many different types of AEDs.When buying a defibrillator, pay attention to the following points:

- Where will the AED be placed? Indoors, outdoors, in a company or public area?
- Does the device have CPR feedback?
- Can the AED be picked up and brought to the victim within 6 minutes?
- Which specifications are important?
- Will the AED be placed in a humid or dusty room?
- Will the AED be used in a room with a lot of noise?
- Should the AED be monolingual or multilingual?

Need help choosing and buying an AED? Or would you like a product demonstration?

Please feel free to contact our Service Center via +31 (0)499 49 00 16.


Which products do I need in addition to the AED?

Which products do I need in addition to the AED?

To guarantee optimal usability of an AED, the AED must always be ready for use. The quality and operation of the AED are inseparably linked to a successful resuscitation. When buying, pay attention to reliability, CPR support and the correct shockable rhythm.

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There are several advantages to placing the AED in an AED cabinet:

High dust density - Will the AED be placed in a dusty or humid room?
High impact resistance -
The stronger and sturdier the cabinet, the better it protects against damage.
Greater recognizability -
The AED is more noticeable in a cabinet, which means the rescuer can find the AED faster, which increases the chances of the victim's survival.

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There are several factors that affect battery life. For example, the ambient temperature and the number of shocks delivered affect battery life.
Have you checked the battery and does it need to be replaced? AED-Partner has an extensive range of AED batteries from well-known brands.

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If you always want to be certain you’re AED Is working properly, it's wise to conclude a service agreement. Annual maintenance and timely replacement of parts contribute to the lifespan of the AED. In an emergency, this can mean the difference between life and death. In short, this guarantees optimum use of your AED to save a human life.

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The electrodes play a crucial role in CPR. They're placed on the chest and the electrodes are used by the defibrillator to deliver a shock.
You replace the electrodes when the shelf life has expired or when the AED electrodes have been used. Need new AED electrodes? AED-Partner can help you with this.

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Each AED requires a daily check as described in the manual. We have a service that always does this automatically for you: AED Check. AED Check, together with the AED Service All-in Remote maintenance, offers optimal certainty and follow-up when the AED has been used.

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A bag and/or case provides optimal protection for your AED device. It also increases the ease of use of the AED and you always have all accessories (such as a rescue kit and respirator mask) at hand. The range of AED carrier bags and cases from AED-Partner includes the following brands: Philips, Zoll, Cardiac Science, Physio-Control, Peli and Primedic.

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A rescue kit is crucial in case of cardiac arrest! In order to act quickly, the AED rescue kit contains several necessary aids. This allows the rescuer to work faster, more hygienically and more effectively.

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When every second counts, it's very important that the rescuer can easily find an AED. AED-Partner supplies stickers and signs to increase visibility. It's also possible to indicate the walking route with arrows.

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If you have an AED, it’s important you know how to use it. You'll also learn how to recognize a heart rhythm disorder and how to restart the heart with CPR. Our CPR training courses are given according to the NRR guidelines and the participants also receive a certificate after participation.

Interested in a training course?
Please feel free to contact our Service Center via +31 (0)499 49 00 16.


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