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Service & Maintenance

AED Maintenance and Service Agreements

We strongly recommend concluding an AED service agreement so that you can be sure that the AED is ready for use in case of an emergency.

In addition to regular maintenance, it’s essential that a service technician is on site as soon as possible after using an AED. This is to make the AED ready for use again. We read out the ECG data (heart film) on site so that it can be forwarded to the hospital.

With the purchase of a defibrillator, you invest in a device that may one day save the life of a colleague, family member, neighbor or perhaps even yourself. Its literally a matter of life and death that you can be certain the AED is always ready for use. By having the maintenance carried out by our certified service technicians, you’re always assured of a properly functioning AED and the responsibility for a ready-to-use device lies with AED-Partner.

Do you want a one-off check or do you have questions about your AED?

Contact our Service Center via +31 (0)499 49 00 16 without any obligation.

Service plans



All-IN Remote

On site AED monitoring
AED-Partner Service Center
AED status and maintenance monitoring
AED has been used? We’re on site within 6 hours
Read out ECG data on site
Report AED use 24/7
Includes replacement AED
Automatic shipping of electrodes and battery
Includes costs for parts
Includes on site replacement of parts
Software updates on site
Save for AED discount
Annual AED check and maintenance
Daily and proactive AED check (temperature and malfunctions)

AED Check

Make sure your AED always works!

With a small investment, you can have the AED monitored remotely. This works on the basis of the Internet of things (IoT) network. This ensures optimal usability of your AED.

Each AED requires a daily check as described in the manual. We have a service that always does this automatically for you: AED Check.

AED Check, together with the AED Service All-in Remote maintenance, offers optimal certainty and follow-up when the AED has been used. We're on site within 6 hours after reporting. Both for you and the AED.


AED-Partner is happy to help! Feel free to contact our
Service Center via +31 (0)499 49 00 16.


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