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Product categories

Product categories

At AED-Partner you’ll find the largest range of AEDs, batteries, electrodes, AED cabinets, CPR manikins and many more accessories. We're the complete supplier with service technicians on staff.

Need help choosing and buying an AED? Or advice about maintenance?

Please feel free to contact our Service Center via +31 (0)499 49 00 16.

AED devices

A defibrillator is a life-saving medical device and must always function properly. The cost of an AED device depends on the brand and functionalities of the AED cardiac massage device.

AED accessories

In addition to the AED, there are several products that you shouldn't forget when buying. For example, a carrier bag, breathing balloons, respirator masks, indication stickers or signs and a rescue kit.

AED service and maintenance

It's literally a matter of life and death that you can be certain the AED is always ready for use. By having the maintenance carried out by our certified service technicians, you’re always assured of a properly functioning AED.

AED trainers

Looking for a trainer that best suits your training goals? AED trainers are products that reflect the actual AEDs, so that a situation is simulated as realistically as possible.

AED cabinets

Will the AED have a community function or is intended for your company's employees? Will the AED be placed indoors or outdoors? All things to consider when choosing a cabinet.

AED CPR manikins

You can realistically simulate CPR with a CPR manikin. The manikins have a lifelike human anatomy to make it as real as possible.

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