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About AED-Partner

Who is AED-Partner

AED-Partner is the trade name of Vivon Nederland B.V. in the Netherlands and Vita Nova Supra NV in Belgium. Both parties have been leading and brand-independent suppliers of AEDs, electrodes, batteries, AED cabinets, CPR manikins and accessories since 2003.

Environment and sustainability

We take responsibility for the impact of our organization on the environment and society. We see Sustainable or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral vision of entrepreneurship.

In practice, this means: taking advantage of opportunities for a better environment, better well-being of employees and society, and striving for a higher return in all business decisions. We adhere to the M3 pillars in our business operations, focusing on people, the environment and equipment. For the environment, we mainly focus on our energy consumption, our waste production and the way in which we deal with the harmful substances in our products. When it comes to equipment, we aim for circularity wherever possible.

Part of the SK FireSafety Group

AED-Partner is part of the SK FireSafety Group and holds similar values to other members of the organization about the environment and sustainability. In the near future, the holding company will continue under the name AED-Partner International.



Contact details NL

AED-Partner the Netherlands

Ekkersrijt 4301

5692 DJ Son

T: +31 (0)499 49 00 16

M: info@aedpartner.nl

Contact details BE

AED-Partner Belgium

Everselstraat 133

3580 Beringen

T: +32 (0)11 42 03 45

M: info@aedpartner.be

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